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Tony Carvajal is president/CEO of Association of Florida Colleges. Tony brings more than 30 years of nonprofit management and consulting experience to the role, having helped organizations across the country design and implement plans to address all types of opportunities and disruptions. He recently completed a decade of service as the Executive Vice President (and futurist-in-residence) at the Florida Chamber Foundation where he developed research, programs, and policies designed to ensure competitiveness, prosperity, vibrancy, and resiliency across the state. Since 2000, he has also served as the “Primemover, Problem-Solver & Calmer of Chaos” at Carvajal Consulting and Management. Tony earned a Masters in Public Administration from Florida International University and holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and communications from Florida State University. He has earned the designation of certified association executive (CAE) and is a graduate of the US Chamber’s Institute for Organizational Management (IOM) where he received a specialty certification in non-profit management and administration and also served as an instructor for 10 years.


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