Closing Out 2020: COVID-19 Effects Report

In December of 2020, Florida Nonprofit Alliance surveyed 501(c)(3) organizations across the state about the effects of COVID-19 over the course of the year.  1,154 organizations responded with information about programs, staff and volunteers, finances, and 2021 predictions.

Key Findings include:

  • Our Florida nonprofit sector consists of organizations of all sizes, including thousands of small organizations, many run only by volunteers
  • Current and future funding remains the top concern for nonprofit organizations.  64% of organizations are somewhat or very concerned with loss of revenue/income and 59% are somewhat or very concerned with future funding in 2021 and beyond.
  • Nonprofits continue to adapt their programs, services, and ways of working.  50% of nonprofits believe that some amount of virtual or remote working is here to stay.
  • The lack of volunteers and volunteer experiences in the nonprofit sector has already taken a toll on organizations.  52% of nonprofit organizations have experienced volunteer absences and 29% of organizations are not currently using any volunteers. Fewer volunteers mean increased expenses and limited programs and services.
  • 71% of nonprofits have had a decrease in unrestricted revenue in 2020.  69% have had less fundraising success this year than 2019.  Nonprofits are looking to individuals in the short term to help raise money to keep their organizations open and functioning.
  • Staff and volunteers are burned out, exhausted and stressed.  Less than half of nonprofit organizations have engaged in concrete efforts to support their human resources.
  • Almost 50% of the organizations that had reserve funds at the beginning of the year have tapped into them, leaving them more financially fragile than before.  At least 29% of nonprofit organizations did not have any reserves to fall back on.
  • Organizations feel slightly more optimistic about the future than they did in July, with the exception of concerns about funding and fundraising.  Fewer organizations anticipate closing and more are hopeful that they will be able to resume programs and services in 2021.

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