DEI Resources

As nonprofit organizations across the state of Florida, we are committed to our missions, to making our communities better, stronger, and more responsive to their residents.  However, events across the United States have made many of us question how committed we actually are to diversity, equity, and inclusion, in our personal and professional lives.  Are we supporting and uplifting people of color?  Are we unintentionally doing more harm than good if we are not consciously anti-racist in our lives?  FNA is sharing resources designed to encourage and enable you to identify areas where you can make changes to your interactions to the world around you.

These free resources can help start the tough work that lies ahead and allow you to determine where the work is needed for you, your team and your organization. The goal of this work is to help organizations build on the core strengths of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The hard work enables you to make space for greater client trust and engagement, larger employee, board and volunteer pools which leads to better collaboration, decision making and ultimately results.



Implicit Bias

Jessie Ball duPont Fund Diversity Equity & Inclusion for Nonprofit Boards