2024 Policy Agenda

Each year, FNA's Board sets a policy agenda of the advocacy priorities most relevant to the elevation and protection of the sector.  Throughout the year, FNA monitors government activity and will add to this agenda as appropriate as a response to issues we could not have anticipated.

For more information on how the policy agenda is created, click here.

The 2024 Agenda includes:

Support and Advance the Right of Nonprofits to Advocate

Nonprofits advocate for their missions daily. FNA believes it is imperative that the right to advocate is understood by all stakeholders.

  1. Advocacy 101 trainings
    FNA will continue to provide training for nonprofit organizations to better understand their right to advocate. The federal government, including Congress and the Internal Revenue Service, supports not only broad advocacy but also legislative lobbying by 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits.

  2. Nonprofit Stakeholders
    FNA will continue to inform stakeholders outside of the sector on the sector’s needs, challenges, and goals. FNA will relay the compliance challenges to appropriate parties and ensure that stakeholders understand the role of the sector and the rules under which they operate.

  3. Legislative Education
    FNA will continue to track legislation that impacts Florida nonprofits at the local, state, and Federal level. FNA will raise awareness on any legislation that will impact the sector as a whole and work on ensuring compliance next steps are shared.

Government-Nonprofit Collaborations for the Public Good

FNA will proactively work with state agencies to improve and strengthen the relationship between public agencies and the charitable sector.  

  1. Florida Charitable Advisory Partnership (FCAP)
    As the convener of FCAP, FNA will utilize the networks of different state agencies to coordinate and support the interests of the sector throughout the state to address regulatory barriers, new ideas, and operational efficiencies.

  2. Advocate for Nonprofits in response to natural disasters
    FNA will collect and gather surveys from across the state to share the financial, staff, and other impacts of disasters on nonprofits. FNA will actively communicate with our State and Federal delegations to ensure nonprofits are included in any relief efforts.

  3. Fair Tax Policy
    FNA will advocate for existing, enhanced, and new tax and other incentives at the federal, state, and local levels that support the missions of all charitable nonprofits. FNA is committed to maintaining nonprofit sector exemptions for state and local property, sales, and use taxes.


Support and Advance the Role of the Nonprofit Sector

FNA will continue to advance and advocate on behalf of Florida’s nonprofit sector. The sector represents 6% of the state’s workforce and is a strong contributor to Florida’s economy.

  1. Nonprofit Sector Research
    FNA will annually release research that provides a better understanding of the sector’s impact and needs, including the Florida nonprofit survey, compensation survey and economic impact report for the sector.

  2. Nonprofit Civic Engagement
    FNA will advocate for civic engagement to promote civic dialogue, open elections, voter registrations, and open government.

  3. Promote volunteerism and service
    FNA will work with Volunteer Florida and the Florida Chamber Foundation to increase the number of volunteers in the state.