Stand for Your Mission - BoardSource Gets It

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BoardSource, a national leader on nonprofit Board expertise, revised its Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members, the definitive resource on the core roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members, to include advocacy.  Partnering with them on the need to educate board members of all nonprofit organizations about the critical importance of "Standing For Your Mission" are well respected institutions such as the Forum of Regional Associations of Grant Makers, Knight Foundation, Campion Foundation, BolderAdvocacy, National Council of Nonprofits, and the Florida Nonprofit Alliance. 

These leaders created a campaign and easy-to-read document to help educate board members on the vital importance of their roles as ambassadors for a nonprofit's mission.  Use the document below to achieve greater results for your nonprofit.

Better, yet, contact Florida Nonprofit Alliance and let our expertise and guidance assist you in advancing your cause.

Stand For Your Mission