Advocacy 101 (Series Part 1)

Tuesday, July 23, 2024
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT)
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Category: Webinar

FNA's Advocacy 101, specifically developed for nonprofit organizations, covers the ins and outs of advocacy and lobbying. 

The interactive Advocacy 101 training will include:

  • Definitions and clarifications about advocacy, lobbying, and the difference between the two
  • The value of advocacy
  • How to legally advocate and lobby for your organization, your mission, and your community
  • Creating your advocacy plan
  • A focus on different target audiences, including elected officials and the media
  • Practical tips on how to effectively advocate and lobby

This workshop is part of the 2024 Advocacy Series.

Nonprofit organizations can and should be engaged in advocacy work that will advance their mission.  But making sure you understand what you can legally do and creating a plan for your advocacy work can be overwhelming, if it’s not currently a part of your organization’s activities!  Florida Nonprofit Alliance is here to help.  Over the course of two months, advocacy experts will lead you through how to set advocacy goals from allowable activities, how to engage your Board and staff leadership in advocacy, how to measure your success, and the best ways to identify and work in coalitions to maximize your efforts.

If you register for all four workshops, receive 25% off with the code ALLFOUR.

Other workshops in the series:

Who Should Attend?

This series is ideal for nonprofit leaders, both staff and Board, who want to kickstart their advocacy work.  You can register for each of the workshops individually, but we recommend participating in all four.  This will give you a clear starting point for planning your advocacy work and allow you to meet other nonprofit leaders who are doing the same – the cohort-like experience is an added bonus! 


Cost: $20 for FNA members; $40 for non-members (25% discount available for participating in the series)  The series will be $60 for members and $120 for non-members 

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Yackie Faneyte

Yackie Faneyte

Membership and Communications Coordinator, Florida Nonprofit Alliance