Consultant Directory

The Consultant Directory is a service provided by Florida Nonprofit Alliance (FNA). The service providers listed here are not screened, sponsored, endorsed nor licensed by FNA.  The consultants listed in this directory have paid a fee in order to be included. This directory has been compiled for the convenience and accommodation of the nonprofit community in Florida. You should conduct your own due diligence before selecting any outside professional or organization, including a review of references and other relevant information.

The directory can be viewed by list (the default view), category, or map by clicking on the options at the top right of the directory.

Individual consultants, or individuals working for consulting firms, can become members of Florida Nonprofit Alliance. In order to be eligible to become a consultant member, you must provide professional consulting services designed for nonprofits in Florida.

Florida Nonprofit Alliance expressly disclaims any and all liability for losses or damages caused by advice or services obtained from consultants or vendors. By use of this listing, you agree to hold FNA, its officers and directors, staff and volunteers harmless from any adverse results or consequences caused by any consultant or vendor listed here or related to work product or services provided by such consultants or vendors. FNA reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the listing or any part of it with or without notice.

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